Welcome to our FIBER SAFARI !

We are excited to offer your family online classes for your fiber projects this summer.
Our FIBER SAFARI runs for a total of six weeks, from June 15th to July 24th.

We picked twelve of our favorite projects from our brick and mortar studio in Potomac, Maryland, for you to choose from. 
All projects have been tried, tested and loved by many kids and adult students.

For a PDF of our above poster overview, click here. Letter Size click here


Each of the twelve class projects will repeat every two weeks, so you can mix and match.
See the full Safari Calendar at the bottom of this page.

You can sign up for one class per day, a pack of five to fill a week, or even ten classes to fill up two weeks of crafting fun.
You can take them all together, or spread them out over all six weeks of our summer safari. It is up to you and your personal preference and schedule.

Each Class includes:

  • Two live sessions on class day as online instruction on Zoom.
  • A break out work period between the two live sessions where students work on their projects, with a break for lunch.
  • A class kit, mailed to you ahead of time, with all the materials and tools. 
  • A live Question and Answer session at the end of the day of class. 
  • An exclusive link to instructional videos for each project, online anytime.
  • Access to our Safari Concierge to answer any questions
  • A big wrap-up Q&A at the end of our Safari, on July 27th
    This will help you tie any loose project ends...literally.

Age of Safari Students

Classes are designed for kids ages eight and up, with or without adults.
(Depending on the individual's skills and handwork experience some adult help might be needed.) 

Adults are allowed

We invite your family to do these projects together, maybe even from different locations. All family members enjoy 25% off the class fee.
This is a great opportunity for grandchildren and grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews etc. to work on the same project together while living apart.


There are three levels of classes to choose from. 

Week A - beginner and intermediate students 

Week B - intermediate students

Saturdays - advanced students 

Materials and Tools

One kit with the materials and tools for each class is included in the class fee.
Important: Please register early so we can mail your kit in time! Mail is very slow right now.
Kits can also be picked up at the studio in Potomac, Maryland, if you live close.

Friday is Pretzel Day

For those of you who know the FiberArt.STUDIO well, Friday is Pretzel Day at FiberArts. Therefore I added a special Pretzel Baking Class on Fridays, so you can make your own pretzels at home. This special cooking class is for adults, or adults with their kids.

Registration and Cost

The regular tuition for a one day class is $75, with discounted packages of five classes for $299, or ten classes for $549.
Annual studio members can register for free with their special code.

Class Registration is first come first served, and class sizes are limited to eight students, to keep it special.

There are three ways to register:

A - On our website

To register click HERE and click the ONLINE CLASSES view.

Please note for the online registration: If you want to book one of our packs of classes for five or ten online, please click Class Packs, take the pack through check-out first, then log back into your account and book the individual classes. It is a glitch in the system by the registration provider that we can not fix at this point - sorry.

B - By phone  (1-240-600-0170) 

C - Analog with a Paper Ballot

Use our REGISTRATION FORM, fill it out with your choices, and e-mail it back to us as a scan or photograph.
Please do not mail it to the studio at this point. We do not get mail there.

You can e-mail me for my home mailing address fibersafari@fiberart.studio

Still not quite sure what to choose?

If you have any more questions, please send us an e-mail at FiberSafari@fiberart.studio, or call at 240-600-0170.

We will also be happy to schedule a phone call with you to help you design a custom package for your families specific needs and wants.

And if you are analog like me, here is ONE PDF with the whole enchilada for you, in juicy colors.

Hop on the safari bus and let's learn something together!

As always with lots of strings attached,

Anja Caldwell

aka "Miss Anja"

Click here for a printable PDF of the FIBER SAFARI CALENDAR above