Our favorite supplies to go with our class kits - Click image to order online

Needle Felting Supplies

Make your own puppy book:

Felting Needles in different sizes in a box to keep them safe:

Nice chunky needle felting pad 9" x 9" from Woolbuddy:

Scrumptious big bundle of core wool:

Roving set in many fun colors:

Enough glass eyes for all your wild wool animals:

For the animal frame:

Beading Loom Supplies

The book:

Fishing line works just fine:

Beading needles in all sizes:

A nice palette of 3 mm glass beads:

Sturdy ribbon for the ends:

All size clasps for lots of nice bracelets:

Clasp for 2 mm beads:

Loom Knitting Supplies

Round Knitting Looms in all the right sizes and with the right pegs:

Baby Alpaca splurge:

Kid's favorite hat yarn:

A better than the plastic hook:

Weaving Supplies

Good beginner table loom:

The right Warp:

Fun colors to get you started on a rainbow:

Better than average weaving needle:

Roving for extra fancy weavings:

Tape Loom Supplies

The Book for woven bands/tapes

Fun floss starter set already on bobbins - Nice!

Floss or yarn - that is the questions. If the answer is yarn:

Clips for backstrap weaving (and your bag of chips):

This is Number 1 plastic - recycle first, but if you need lots:

Crochet Supplies

Very CUTE crochet projects:

Nice beginner set to get you hooked:

All you need for a whole bunch of projects or afghan:

Sewing Supplies

Best Sewing there is:

Beginner Sewing for kids:

The beginner sewing machine I recommend for kids:



The only one for real women:

And this one for seasoned women:

Knitting Supplies

Still my favorite:

My second favorite:

My third favorite:

The HOLY Grail:

Best for Brioche Knitting:

Embroidery Supplies

The Basics:

ALL of her books:

Fancy holder for your embroidery to set your hands free - this one works for table or standing

Invest in a nice 8" hoop:

Some nice linen fabric - do not forget to wash first:

The good stuff:

The right tool:

Very nice and suspiciously inexpensive kit for a kiss lock purse